About Us


MATOH is cassava snacks made from cassava and assorted spices. Diversity in the Indonesian spices into the marinade, making MATOH rich in flavor and not just spicy on the tongue. Naturally processed without msg and artificial coloring. Taste the sweetness of using palm sugar is better for health. Using raw materials from its own garden Cassava grown without chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers that do not use Mocaf (modified cassava flavor) contained glutein not good for health.

The flavors are offered diverse, ranging from a sense of Extra Hot Chilli Lime, Lime Hot Sauce, Cheese (modern / traditional) Harmony, BBQ, Soya. Its contents were more, more satisfied. In one box contains 30 packs. Suitable eaten alone or abuzz. We also supported the community and also the skin reseller.Limbah cassava as fertilizer so it is more environmentally friendly. This makes MATOH awarded in agriculture in 2001.



  • Healthy snack, without artificial coloring
  • All natural, non msg, 0% frosfat margarine.
  • Environment friendly ( cassava peel waste so fertilizer)
  • 2001 in the field of agriculture
  • Alone own garden planting
  • Cassava glutein free
  • Rich taste not just spicy


  • Mocaf (modified cassava flavor) substitution of wheat (no glutein) is not good for health, especially for people with autism. Should not glutein consumption because they have no enzymes for digestion.
  • Raw material choice, many contents.
  • Resellers, community (disuport)
  • 1 box = 30 packs
  • Diversity herbs in Indonesia (Exotic)