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Our company sells products with ingredients Cassava Snack. That where the material during the production of this we immediately took from the land we already have and gunahkan far without menggunahkan Fertilizer Chemicals / Organic order to keep the naturalness and quality was


Taste of Nusantara


SNACK MATOH made from Cassava Quality with Assorted Condiments Typical options Indonesia. It seemed to shake the tongue and enliven the atmosphere.

Healthy Snack

More products to Natural material by using palm sugar as healthy for the body than using sugar / artificial sweetener

All Natural

All products are grown with their own garden without organic fertilizers and manufacture of snack without chemical mixtures and has been tested with good naturalness.

Free Glutein

Without Preservatives flour because it is not good for health, especially for people with autism should not glutein consumption because it does not have the enzymes for digesting

No Chemicals

Cassava planting material without chemical fertilizers / organic, non-MSG Margarine 0% frostat, and not use Dyes Made Products